Miscellaneous odds and ends (anthropology, economy, speculative fiction, and more)

articles and essays

Introduction: Speculative Anthropologies.” With R. Anderson, E.L. Backe, E. Reddy, and J. Trombley. Theorizing the Contemporary. Cultural Anthropology website, 2018.

"On Brutal Culture." With D. Umney, D. O'Brien, F. Muniesa, L. Moor, L. McFall, M. Cooper, & P. Campbell. Journal of Cultural Economy, 2017. [pdf]

Harvesting Failure from the Field: An Ethnographic Apprenticeship in Coping with the Unexpected. With M. Amrith, J. Johnson, D. Martin, & M. Murawski. Cambridge Anthropology, 2008/2009. [pdf]

blogposts, interviews, assorted notes

Inheritance and Inequality. Interview on Impossible/Possible. KUCI, July 2018.

A Conversation about Mobile Money and Financial Technologies, with Taylor Nelms and Stephen Rea. Interview on The Human Show, May 2018.

Toying with Our Teleologies: Reflections on What SF Can Do for AnthropologyThe Geek Anthropologist, April 2018.

Olivier Godechot: A Classic Work, in TranslationJournal of Cultural Economy, July 2016. [OA version]

AAA 2015 Preview: Undisciplining Law and Economy. Association for Political and Legal Anthropology website, November 2015.

Estudios de la Economía: An Interview with José Ossandón (pdf). Accounts: ASA Economic Sociology Newsletter, Fall 2014.

Share Economies on the Rise. Interview on KCUR Kansas City Public Media, May 2014.

An Interview with Michel Anteby (pdf). Accounts: ASA Economic Sociology Newsletter, Fall 2013.

Conference Encounters: Challenging Boundaries and Rethinking Ethics at the 2008 AAA Annual Meeting. With C. Fouratt & J. Li. Anthropology Today, 2009.